Men svara då för faaaaaan!!!!

Yesterday when I was having lunch I heard two guys talking at the table behind me:

Still no answer…
What the hell is he doing?
I don’t know, this is the second time I fucking call him today.
He better call back soon!
Why having a cell phone if not using it…idiot.

Mobilterror!!! What else can I say. Haha. After lunch I got home and made this shirt design that Berzerker Wear will print in a close future.

Therefore, and since it’s friday, we decided to upload the song “Mobilterror” from our first recording. Anyone recognizing the end? Now, try out a cell-phone free friday. I dare you!

~ by Desperat on December 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Men svara då för faaaaaan!!!!”

  1. Stenhårda tishor, kommer ni att sälja dem i eran shop också?

  2. Vist spelade ni MOBILTERROR på Punk karnevalen? Ja vill oxå ha en sån tröja.

  3. COOLA

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