Debut 12″ in progress!

We got a few mails from people asking what the hell’s going on. Since the studio diary was only written in swedish we excluded everyone outside the swedish (scandalnavian) borders. Sorry but our english sucks big time. Short note about what’s going on; we recorded 15 (sixteen) new tracks for our debut 12″ this last weekend and we’re really excited about this record and so far it sounds fukking amazing!
All drums, bass and guitars are done, so now it’s just vocals + mixing left. But there’s no rush cause we wanna release the two first 7″ before we release this record. More info about everything later.

~ by Desperat on March 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “Debut 12″ in progress!”

  1. Can’t wait to hear it. Why is the 7″ taking that long too be released and who’s gonna release this new 12″?

  2. R: Hopefully it won’t take that much longer now until we get the master for the 7inches. The delay is due various reasons. We haven’t decided who will release this new recording yet. Guess time will tell.

  3. And who’s releasing both 7″s?

  4. Pawel:
    World Funeral and Hardcore Victim. See “RELEASES” section for further information on each release.

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