WE GOT IT!!!!!!

Boys and girls, punks and hippies, gubbar och kärringar. WE GOT THE MASTER! Never thought that this day would come but believe it or not, today is the day! Unfortunately Hardcore Victim won’t be able to release “Demokrati eller Diktatur?” which was the plan. It’s really sad it turned out this way, but due different circumstances they can’t afford it right now. We just wanna say thanks to Yeap for his support and understanding. We’re looking forward to work with Hardcore Victim in the future.

Will this 7″ be even more delayed now? Which label will release it?
The answer is NO, it won’t be anymore delays and with only a few hours short notice we’re sold our souls to De:Nihil Records (SWE).
It feels great and we’re glad that they agreed to release it. We have sent the masters to both labels and hopefully these records will be out in 1-2 month. FINALLY! Can’t really believe that this is happening. “Suicide Attack” will still be released by World Funeral (US).

We will give you further info as soon as we know more. Meanwhile enjoy these three new tracks taken from the upcoming records.

Sveriges Största Ljugarbänk, taken from “Demokrati eller Diktatur?”.

Demokrati?, taken from “Demokrati eller Diktatur?”.

Children Should Play, taken from “Suicide Attack”.

~ by Desperat on March 21, 2011.

One Response to “WE GOT IT!!!!!!”

  1. FINALLY! Why did you guys let us wait this long? How hard can it be? Mixing a 7″ should not take longer than a weekend. Computer problems? This is anyway good news. Can’t wait to have these two seven inches in my hand.

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