Läggdags för mänskligheten (listen to new track!)

We’re not the best at updating this blog. But finally we have some good news that we can share with all of you. Hardcore Victim will release our upcoming 7 “Början på slutet”. It’s already sent to the pressing plant and hopefully it will be out in may/june. At the same time we’re work with the split 12″ with Deathraid, that’s been taking forever. Last but not least, we will release our debut album this fall. We have one more surprise, but you will notice it soon enough. We also have two shows booked. Have a nice may day eve.

~ by Desperat on April 30, 2012.

One Response to “Läggdags för mänskligheten (listen to new track!)”

  1. fucking love this!!!! will seek out you 7″ & look forward to your 12″
    Good luck!

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