Demokrati eller diktatur? US re-press.

Up for sale via Beach Impediment Records. 300 new ones made. Alot of people got it all wrong about the original European press on De:Nihil, it was released in 500 copies, not 250-300! We have more coming for 2013. Some shows/tour, and hopefully our debut 12″ will be out soon enough. It’s only been a year since we recorded the music. Doh! Here’s a bunch of reviews for the “Demokrati eller diktatur” as well:

“Clear, precise, confident, blistering d-beat. Two of these guys played in Mob 47 and Protes Bengt, and it doesn’t seem like they’ve ever slowed down. Jesus, this thing hits hard, about as straightforward as you want, but with enough crag in the guitar to break a tooth on. They come off as a totally earnest, HC-for-the-HC group, and nowhere is that more evident than in opening track “Bandlogga,” which the liner notes describe as a plea for reason with naming your band something crazy and making a logo complex enough to require a Magic Eye Painting level of attention. They slow down once on “Sveriges Största Ljugarbänk,” which dresses down the whole of Swedish Parliament, and they do it on the next to last of these six songs, which is exactly where you’d wanna put it. Totally raging! RECOMMENDED.” –Still Single / Doug Mosurock

“Once you read that this band has members of MOB 47 and  WARVICTIMS, you know what you’re about to get before you even drop the needle. I was expecting raw, but this is really fucking raw. It’s everything you could possibly want in raw Swedish punk, including guitar tone that sounds more like a chainsaw than a guitar at times. Did they cut all the bass and mids while cranking up the treble and distortion? Whatever. Either way, all six songs are pure ripping punk that only veterans of the genre could possible pull off without sounding strained or shitty. This 7″ is brutally honest and heartfelt and isn’t looking to gain scene points or make friends. And as much as the music kicked my ass, it’s the lyrics that make this an instant favorite. The first song questions the reasoning behind over te top band names and logos, which gave me a chuckle because it’s become such a shitstorm. Track two is about the documentary Deliver Us From Evil about the catholic priest that molested kids and instead of being held accountable, was just moved from perish to perish. Fucker. Then on to a song about giving in to technology, cell phones in particular, instead on continuing to fight against mainstream culture. Being guilty of this myself, it really made me stop and think. The B side is just as ferocious. I realize I could go on and on, but I’ll just sum it up. Te topics brought up on this side are the fact that we don’t seem to understand that this is the only planet w have and we are totally fucking it up, the Swedish parlament wasting a shit ton of money and space while some people have no place to sleep and nothing to eat and the last track is about how democracy is lost and is just a term thrown around without substance. The lyrics are all in Swedish and have an English summery afterward on a simple photocopied foldout that has a few pictures, band info, contacts and thank yous. This record is short, sweet and to the point. Fucking brilliant.” – Profane Existence

“I meant to check out Desperat’s debut LP, but I think it was like $45 new or some ridiculous price like that. Come on guys, we’re supposed to pay big bucks for old hardcore records, not new ones! This new EP comes at a reasonable domestic price, and it’s a wonderful blast of raging political hardcore that ignores the modern trends of noisy, trebly recordings, instead going straight to the gut with a thick studio production. It flies by pretty fast, with killer drumming and a thick wall of bass and guitar, to the point where I no longer have to imagine what it’d sound like if NOFX covered Framtid. Pretty sure these guys are hardcore lifers (either that or they got into it in their late 30s, which has to be impossible) – I appreciate that they still rage with anger and precision, avoiding the many pitfalls of being old dudes in hardcore. Hell, the one guy on the back cover even has a Bart Simpson haircut, which is proof positive that Europeans are second only to the Japanese when it comes to aging gracefully in hardcore.” – Yellow Green Red

“The original pressing of this EP by Sweden’s Desperat was first released in a criminally limited edition by Sweden’s De:Nihil Records, but that version sold out in mere hours, so Virginia’s impeccable Beach Impediment Records are here to rectify that problem. Desperat feature members of Mob 47 and Warvictims, and play exactly the kind of vicious Swedish HC you’d expect with a pedigree like that. Forget poser d-beat, this is just straight up raging Swedish HC… essential.” – Sorry State

“This Swedish band, with members of the legendary Mob 47 and Warvictims, have several releases already and this is a US pressing of their first 7”, from 2011. On the lyric sheet, it says “Once hardcore, always fucking raw hardcore!” And they live up to it–blazing fodder in a classic Swedish vein. No low tunings, just a razor-sharp sound. In addition to the lyrical themes about governmental and religious abuses and environmental destruction, there’s also a lament about people being tied to cellphones, with the clever title “Mobilterror,” while “Bandlogga” simply states that band names and logos don’t need to be so complicated. Yeah, I think these guys know what they’re doing.” – Suburban Voice


~ by Desperat on January 12, 2013.

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