We are not dead yet !!

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Yes we are still alive(!) and we actually have some plans to do a couple of gigs this summer. Hopefully will our debut LP ‘Ålderns Ljuva Förfall’ be released in 2017 as well. Up the mangel!


Joråsåatte serru… Här händer det grejer i norrländsk takt. Studio Mangel, January 27, FEM år senare.


Master CD with bounced seprate files for ‘Naturen är Stark’ and ‘Hjärndöd underhållning…’


“New” songs sent to Kenko/Communichaos for mixing and mastering. Hardcore Deluxe.


Finland 14 november !!

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Tack och bock !

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Tack Per, Klubb Kronstadt, Ronny, Dead Rhythm och Püssy a Go Go för en lyckad helg i Hufvudstaden. Det är inte så ofta vi lirar men jävlar vad kul det är att träffa gamla som nya vänner och lyssna på bra musik

Help our friend Jocke D-takt

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imageDesperat/Protes Bengt will help our friend Jocke and his label D-takt & Råpunk Reckords who almost lost everything in a big flood last week. Barvak at Insane Society Records helped us print a bunch of Protes Bengt 7” and all the money from this 32 song ep will go to Jocke and his label, so next time you see Desperat or Mob47 playing live buy a record and support him. Keep up the mangel and In Bengt we trust / Chrille, Åke, Johan, Per and Ola

Stockholmsmanglet 2014

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Stockholmsmanglet 2014

Stockholmsmanglet 2014

t-shirt !

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DSC_0029 (2)

New fresh t-shirt in stock, design by Yeap.

Price 100 sek + postage

Mail your order at: nizze@kth.se

Thanks !

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Thanks to our friends in Diagnosis?Bastard! for a crazy and funny weekend in Göteborg and Stockholm. Thanks also to everyone who came to the shows, it was a blast